BRE Partner Query

06 November 2021
The BRE Partner Query Platform is online

The Chamber of Commerce of Tirana, as Lead Partner of BRE Project, developed a web platform called BRE Partner Query, implemented within the BRE project. The web platform was developed during the previous year, following the best practices of the Italian Business Register platform. 

The web platform is available in English, Albanian, Montenegrin and Italian. BRE Partner Query rapresents the trasnational platform created by the union of Business Registers of Italy, Albania and Montenegro in order to favour the collaboration among companies. These three registries are (and remain) property of the Public Institutions involved in BRE while the "BRE partner query platform" give SMEs the access to an official database of existing companies, categorized by NACE categories and queryable on-demand.

The aim is to encourage SMEs to cooperate and innovate together, increasing their internationalization with the possibility to enter in foreign markets, open new communication channels and introduce collaborative innovations