Podgorica, Chamber of Montenegro, 20/06/2019

19 August 2019
Mission accomplished!

First, in winter 2019, we have studied the three Business Registers in Italy, Albania and Montenegro. So, during the Project Meeting held in Podgorica (Chamber of Montenegro) on 10-11 April 2019, we have found the Italian Registry as the best practice and deeply examined it. Lastly we have shared the Italian model among Partners during the shadow days on 20-22 April 2019 in Bari.

Next BRE challenge? Designing a CBC Platform to reproduce the Italian best practice. Then, filling it with some hundreds of companies from Albania and Montenegro. Finally, showing policy-makers the sample, to get them touch and feel the importance of this model for SMEs’ internationalization and business legality.

How could we get there? Of course, by involving companies in the platform creation.That's why we organized three Round Tables with companies from the three Countries, to make SMEs familiarize with BRE, to share the Italian model, to co-create the BRE CBC Platform.