BRE - Infopoint for companies

11 March 2021
INFOPOINTS for companies began their operation in Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is implementing the project BRE (Business Registry Empowerment) within the IPA CBC Program Italy - Albania - Montenegro, funded by the European Union.

The target sectors in this project are agriculture, tourism, fashion and metal industry, and ICT, but also all SMEs and beginners in business. One of the tasks of the project is to provide basic information about the Platform that will be developed for companies from Montenegro, Albania and Italy through infopoints. Also, it is envisaged that these infopoints provide advisory support on entrepreneurship development, sales, internationalization, marketing and logistics.

In order to do this, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro established a dedicated corner in its premises, where INFOPOINT professionals will operate and perform tasks with the aim to aid and support SMEs requirements directly. These professionals will manage these corners and they will deliver information to SMEs regarding their interests, doubts or requests on the specific topic. That way, SMEs, businessmen/women and entrepreneurs will have a physical transnational infopoints for the support in their internationalization, logistic issues and/or possibility to expand their markets. It is envisaged for this corner to be active for the entire duration of the Pilot.

By filling out the INFOPOINT online questionnaire, the company will provide the neccessary information required to get a clear picture of its needs, thanks to which the professionals will be able to provide them with adequate support. After completing the questionnaire, these companies will be contacted in order to schedule an appointment and plan further direct work with them. The appointment could be held during fixed days and office hours, when the professionals will be physically in the INFOPOINT, or through Zoom/Skype meetings due to Covid-19 measures and in order to maximize their efficiency.