BRE CBC Platform

29 April 2021
ICT Platform: because only a true genius can copy!

Nothing is created from nothing: every creation always derives from the works of others.

In this perspective "Stealing" becomes essential in order to truly become creators of something new. And, when dealing with already winning and structured best practices, the best thing to do is to propose, share and improve together. This is the BRE idea: let Albania and Montenegro “steal” and “copy” the best practices of the Italian Business Register.

Italian Business Register is a public register which, as already provided for within the Civil Code, has been fully implemented since 1996, by the Law in relation to the reorganization of the Chambers of Commerce and with the subsequent Implementing Regulation. It contains information for all companies such as incorporation, amendments, cessation of trading as well any other subjects as required by law; subsequent events occurred after registration (such as changes to the statute, to company officers, changes in registered address, etc.) and information for all companies.

One of the true strengths of this platform is the data extraction from its database: a company (or any person or Institution) from Italy or abroad can request data extraction through a written request, specifying what kind of partner is looking for, though some parameters such as:

  • activity (by ATECO code)
  • location (Municipality, Province, Region, etc.)
  • kind of localization (legal seat or local unit or both)
  • importance of the activity (only primary or even secondary)
  • ongoing legal procedures included or not (failure or bankruptcy proceedings)
  • company status (active, non-active, ceased, suspended)
  • range of employees (number)
  • range of company’s capital (in euro)
  • turnover range (in euro)
  • legal form
  • age of the company.

At this stage, the responsible person for the Italian Business Register’s database can set up the chosen parameters, get an estimated number of contacts, and make a cost estimation. Lastly, the applicant company decides if to continue or not, and if so, after a written request, can pay the due and gets the requested list. 

Thanks to the BRE Project, it has now been possible to acquire this best practice and implement it within the BRE CBC Platform: essential information, well outlined, for a big step in SMEs' internationalization and business legality.