BRE at a glance (it’s about innovation, darling!)

02 April 2021
BRE at a glance (it’s about innovation, darling!)

BRE’s challenge
Transferring the Italian Business Register model to a CBC level

BRE’s consistency
Is this project relevant? What ties BRE to innovation and connectivity?

BRE aims at exchanging Business Registers best practice on 3 levels:

  • Technological (software and hardware architectures) > innovation itself;
  • Regulative (framework of laws about company registration) > policy innovation;
  • Operational (procedures for registration and office organization) > process innovation.

BRE’s background
Where is the innovation behind the Business Register organization?

  1. Technological innovation: the Italian Business Register is fully computerized. It manages 6 million registered businesses and 10 million people. The Italian Business Register guarantees extreme timeliness in updating and accessing of data, managing a huge amount of information;
  2. Regulative innovation: the Italian Business Register is a public register, managed by a public body and guarantees the truthfulness of the data,  settling law certainty to business environment. The Business Register in Italy releases a photograph of any company situation. It is possible to obtain information on a business partner or supplier, thus escaping from swindles;
  3. Process innovation: all Italian Chambers of Commerce share their data in a single national company database. The Italian Business Register issues documents that are essential for the certification and economic information, favoring interaction among companies.

BRE Main activities

  1. ICT Platform: Project Partners are developing a pilot platform similar to the Italian one. The Platform will be filled with Albanian and Montenegrin companies. Technological innovation!
  2. Comparative studies: understanding the differences among the three systems. Regulative innovation!
  3. Shadow days: showing how the system works in Italy and abroad. Involved personnel:
    • Head of the Registry and legal officers: how offices work?
    • Database manager: how ICT platform works?
    • Marketing manager: what can you do with those information to promote economies?

Process innovation!